SOLAS Reflective Tape 6" x the foot - 1403 & 1404

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Considered the brightest tape on the market, SOLAS is a marine-grade tape that can be seen at distances of up to 3000 ft away. SOLAS is highly durable and designed to withstand harsh environments. Although commonly used in nautical environments, SOLAS can be applied to virtually any object for maximum visibility. 

iCutDecals offers two types of Oralite SOLAS by the foot - 1403 and 1404. SOLAS 1404 is more flexible and conforms to more surfaces like jackets, life rafts, etc. SOLAS 1403 is less stretchy and tends to be more durable. Both types reflect the same and are highly durable with a strong adhesive. For more information, click here.

Material is 6 inches in width and available by the foot.