How to Install Vehicle Body Decals

Need help applying your new vehicle decals? Follow the instructions below! For any additional questions, contact us here.

You will need: scissors, squeegee (included with your order), masking tape, spray bottle, rubbing alcohol, dish soap

Step 1. With a pair of scissors, cut the striping into the lengths you need to stripe the hood, roof, trunk and bumpers of your car. Tip- make each piece slightly longer than needed and then trim or fold it under the edge of the area it is being applied to. (example – front of the hood) The stripe will need to be dry before you fold it under.

Step 2. Remove any emblems that may get in the way of the striping. (you will replace them after the stripes are installed)

Step 3. Thoroughly clean the application area with rubbing alcohol and a soft cloth.

Step 4. Soapy water solution: In a spray bottle, mix 20 ounces of water, 1/4 teaspoon of dish-washing liquid and 1/2 teaspoon of isopropyl alcohol.

Step 5. Mark the center of the car and then run masking tape from the front to the back of the vehicle. Tip - if you need the stripes to be 1" apart, use 1" wide tape. For a 2" gap use 2" tape or use 1″ and come off of it a 1/2" on each side. 

Step 6. After marking where the stripes will go, spray the car with soapy water, then peel the backing off the stripe and spray the adhesive side of the stripe with the soapy water also.

TIP – lay the striping down shiny side down and peel the paper backing off of the stripe, not the stripe off of the paper backing.  This helps to prevent you from accidentally kinking the material. Then spray the sticky side which will be facing up with soapy water and then handle the stripe.

Step 7. Position the stripe where you want it and slide it into place. For longer sections, it helps to have a second person help.

Step 8. Once the stripe is where you want it, simply squeegee it on. Slide the stripes into proper position and squeegee from the center outward to each side.  This gets all the soapy water out from underneath the striping. As long as the stripe and the car are wet with the soapy solution, you can work with the stripe. Note - Keep the stripes you are not working with DRY. Tip – Spray a little soapy water on the stripe to allow the squeegee to glide over the stripe without scratching it. (wrapping the squeegee in a soft cloth will also protect the stripe from scratches)

Step 9. Repeat this process on all stripes and then trim any excess vinyl away with an exacto knife or razor blade.