Reflective Bike Safety Decals Kit - Black, White, Blue, Red

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iCutDecal's Reflective Bike Safety Decals Kit provides high-visibility when biking at night. Each kit comes with enough material to cover the body of the bike, inner wheel, front and back fender, and bike helmet. 

When you apply our white kit to a white bike or black kit to a black bike, the tape is almost invisible in daylight and highly visible at night which makes for a sleek effect. Black ELG reflects back a beautiful gold and White ELG reflects back a stunning silver. Blue ELG and Red ELG reflect back their respective colors with brilliant vibrancy. See pictures for a detailed view.

Customize your bike the way you want! Here's where we suggest placing each piece in the kit:

- 6 long rectangles: bike helmet

- 18 arrow decals: on fenders and along the body

- 36 small ovals: place 9 ovals on each side of the inner wheels. When bike is in motion, the entire inner wheel becomes reflective

- 2 long pinstripes: used on elongated parts of the frame 


Material used: ELG 48000 Series Flexible Engineering Grade