Silver Reflective Fabric Paint - 3 oz - Ultra-Bright, Silver/Gray Paint

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Add reflectivity to your fabric with ViziGlow’s Ultra-Bright Silver Reflective Acrylic Fabric Paint!

Included with each order:
- 3 fluid oz of Silver Reflective Fabric Paint
- Stirring Stick
- Free paint brush

We offer two reflective fabric paints: silver and white. Our silver fabric paint has particles coated in reflective aluminum for extra reflectivity. For the brightest results, go with silver reflective fabric paint!

For best results:
1. Stir paint well before use to ensure reflective particles are well incorporated
2. Do not layer other paint over reflective paint (this will dull reflectivity)
3. After paint has dried, set with an iron to ensure long lasting results
4. Wait at least 7 days to machine wash your fabric (per fabric paint instructions)