Reflective Screen-Printing Ink Kit - White or Silver Reflective Powder + Water-based Screen Ink - High-visibility Reflective Screenprinting

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IMPORTANT: This screen-printing ink is ideal for multi-surface use, but NOT for fabric screen-printing. Reflective fabric screen-printing ink coming soon!

Included in this kit:
- 4 oz of White or Silver Reflective Powder
- 4 fluid oz of Water-Based Screen Ink

Combo kit includes: 4 oz of White Powder + 4 oz of Silver Powder + two (2) 4 fluid oz containers of Water-Based Screen Ink

Add reflectivity to your screen-printing with ViziGlow's DIY reflective screen-printing kit! Choose from white or silver reflective powder to mix with water-based screen ink.

Our silver powder is coated in grey aluminum which creates greater reflectivity. Our white powder has a more subtle appearance in natural light which makes for greater versatility in your projects.

ViziGlow's powder is made from highly-reflective glass beads and processed to a fine 350-400 mesh - a perfect mesh for screenprinting!

The included screen ink is a water-based, multi-purpose graphic ink that produces a glossy ink film, offers good weather resistance and is flexible enough for shallow draw (2 to 4 inches) vacuum forming.

Suggested Substrates:
Coated paper
Pressure sensitive vinyl
Top-coated polyester
Static cling
Some coated metal