Reflective Paint Kit - Washable, 2 oz paint + Silver & White Reflective Powder

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Viziglow's Reflective Paint Kits make it easy to add maximum reflectivity to your projects.

Each kit comes with: 
  • 50 g of High-quality Reflective Powder
  • 2 oz of Washable Glue/Paint
  • Free Paint Brush!
Choose from 50g of Silver or White Reflective Powder, or our Combo pack!

ViziGlow's Reflective Powder is an extremely fine powder that can be used for a variety of different projects! Mix with paint or sprinkle on top of wet paint for an easy application. Tip - apply in thin coats to maximize reflectivity. Washable glue means the product will come out of most materials with a simple wash. Perfect for costumes and cosplays!

Our silver powder is coated in grey aluminum which creates greater reflectivity. If you are interested in the brightest, most reflective product, the silver reflective powder is the way to go! This powder is grey in normal lighting and reflects a bright white color. 

Our white powder has a more subtle appearance in natural light which makes for greater versatility in your projects. Adding white reflective powder to a white background can create a unique effect when light shines on it. 
This kit allows you to choose from two effective paint methods - mix and sprinkle, Mix paint and powder together and apply in thin coats for easy application. Or apply paint and sprinkle powder on surface for greater reflectivity. View our photos to see the difference!
For best results, mix only the amount of paint you will need for each project directly before use.