Reflective Iron-On Material - Dog Safety - for Harnesses, Leashes, Collars, and More

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ViziGlow’s Iron-on Reflective Material is some of the brightest material in existence! Simply iron these pieces on your dog’s harness, leash, or collar for greater safety and visibility at night.

- 1” or .5" width
- 12” of material in each quantity
(ex: for 24” order quantity of 2)

1" width is ideal for harnesses and leashes. .5" width works well with collars and thinner harnesses.

To apply with an iron:

1. Trim material to desired length
2. Peel blue backing
3. Place on fabric with shiny side UP
4. Iron on gently
5. Peel clear top film

Oralite GP025 is a silver/gray color in normal lighting and reflects a bright white color.