Reflective Glow Powder - 2 oz, 2-in-1 High-visibility reflective neon glow powder

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You won’t find this product anywhere else!

ViziGlow’s REFLECTIVE GLOW powder combo REFLECTS in light and GLOWS in the dark. 

A combination of silver reflective powder and neon glow powder, this product is sure to make your crafts unique: Our silver reflective powder is made from highly-reflective glass beads and processed to a fine 350-400 mesh. Each particle is coated in grey aluminum which creates intense reflectivity. Our glow powder glows a neon green color for up to 12 hours in the dark. 

Reflective Glow Powder - Color Properties:

  • Light grey in standard lighting
  • Bright white/silver in flash
  • Neon green in the dark 

Glow will be strongest in 1st hour and slowly fade until a light source is applied again. The brighter the light source and longer the light is applied, the stronger and longer the powder will glow. 

Reflective Glow powder can be combined with paints, epoxy, nail polish, and other mediums. Mix or sprinkle on paint for a unique effect. The higher ratio of powder:medium, the greater the reflective and glow quality will be. 

Includes 2 oz of Reflective Glow powder.