Non-Skid Reflective Glow Paint - 3 oz - ultra bright, glow-in-the-dark, non-skid safety paint solution

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ViziGlow’s Non-Skid Reflective Glow Paint adds safety to your surfaces with a unique combination of non-skid particles, ultra-bright silver reflective powder, and ultra glow powder in a polymer base.

Each order comes with:
- 3 oz of Non-Skid Reflective Glow Paint
- Free foam paint brush
- Wooden stirring stick

Please note- separation is normal! A stirring stick is included in your order.

Our non-skid reflective glow paints are created by mixing high-quality, 350 mesh, reflective powder and glow powder with a water-based polyurethane base. The result is a medium-thick paint solution. The non-skid additive creates a slip-resistant surface.

Only one coat of paint is needed for fantastic reflectivity and glow, but you can layer on more coats to suit your unique project.


- Light grey in standard lighting
- Bright white/silver in flash
- Neon green in the dark

Glow will be strongest in 1st hour and slowly fade until a light source is applied again. The brighter the light source and longer the light is applied, the stronger and longer the powder will glow.