Reflective Fabric Screen-Printing Ink DIY Kit | White or Silver Reflective | cotton, polyester, rayon, acetate, lycra

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Add custom reflective prints to fabrics with ViziGlow's DIY Reflective Fabric Screenprinting Kit!

ViziGlow's powder is made from highly-reflective glass beads and processed to a fine 350-400 mesh - a perfect mesh for screenprinting! Choose from two types of reflective powder - silver or white:
Our silver powder is coated in grey aluminum which creates greater reflectivity. Our white powder has a more subtle appearance in natural light which makes for greater versatility in your projects.

Included in this kit:
- 50g of White or Silver Reflective Powder
- 100g of Clear Screen Ink
- 5g of Catalyst

Combo kit includes: 50g of White Powder + 50g of Silver Powder + two (2) containers of Clear Screen Ink + two (2) containers of Catalyst

To ensure the reflective particles properly adhere to fabric, a catalyst (also known as a coupler or activator) must be mixed with the screen ink right before printing. Mix 1 part Catalyst for every 20 parts Screen Ink. 8-10 parts Reflective Powder is recommended.
For example: 100g of Screen Ink + 5g of Catalyst + 50g of Reflective Powder

Mixing Instructions:
1. Use separate container for mixing.
2. Mix 1 part Catalyst with 20 parts Screen Ink. Only mix what you will be readily using.
3. Add in Reflective Powder making sure to keep mixture thin.

For best results, avoid using underbase and do not bury ink into the screen or garment. The reflective particles must be exposed to light to properly reflect!

Screen Ink and Catalyst provided in this kit are from NazDar Ink Technologies:
- 9560 Aquapaque Clear Base
- AQ58 Aquacat

The screen ink is a water-dispersible, lead/heavy metal-free pigmented screen printing ink. Ready for printing straight from the container.

SUBSTRATES: Cotton, cotton/polyester blends, cotton/rayon blends, acetate, some 100% polyester, and Lycra blends.