Non-Skid Reflective White Paint - 3 oz - high-visibility, non-skid, safety paint solution

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ViziGlow’s Non-Skid White Reflective Paint adds safety to your surfaces with a unique combination of non-skid particles and high-visibility white reflective powder in a polymer base.

Each order comes with:
- 3 oz of Non-Skid White Reflective Paint
- Free foam paint brush
- Wooden stirring stick

Please note- separation is normal! A stirring stick is included in your order.

Our Non-skid White Reflective Paint appears white/light-gray in daylight. When applied thinly to most surfaces, it is almost translucent. At night, this paint shines a brilliant white.

Our non-skid reflective paints are created by mixing high-quality, 350 mesh, reflective powder with a water-based polyurethane base. The result is a medium-thick paint solution. The non-skid additive creates a slip-resistant surface.

Only one coat of paint is needed for fantastic reflectivity, but you can layer on more coats to suit your unique project.

Tips for application:
- Apply in thin coats for best reflective results
- Avoid layering other paints over reflective paint (distorts reflective properties)
- Be sure to let coats dry in between applications for greater reflectivity!