Non-Skid Glow Paint - 3 oz - glow-in-the-dark, neon, safety, non-skid paint

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ViziGlow’s Non-Skid Glow Paint adds safety to your surfaces with a unique combination of non-skid particles and neon glow powder in a polymer base.

At night, this paint glows for up to 6-8 hours in the dark. The non-skid additive creates a slip-resistant surface.

Each order comes with:
- 3 oz of Non-Skid Glow Paint
- Free foam paint brush
- Wooden stirring stick

Please note- separation is normal! A stirring stick is included in your order.

Glow Properties:

- Neon green glow in the dark
- Light green/white in standard lighting
- Glows in the dark up to 8 hours
- Unlimited recharges

Note - Glow will be strongest in 1st hour and slowly fade until a light source is applied again. The brighter the light source and longer the light is applied, the stronger and longer the paint will glow.

Glow appears brightest when there are no competing light sources.