Colorful, Glow-in-the-Dark Powder (orange, blue, yellow-green, golden-yellow, green)

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ViziGlow's Colorful Glow Powders create a unique way to add a new dynamic to your crafts and projects!

These powders are vibrant in standard lighting and glow bright in the dark! Shine any light on the powder for even a few seconds and watch as this glow powder lights up in darkness.

Variety of Uses:
- Mix with paint, glue, resin, epoxy, or other mediums to enhance your crafts (note - a higher ratio of glow powder means stronger glow)
- Sprinkle powder on surface of wet paint or glue
- Add glow powder to nail polish
- and much more!

Note - Glow will be strongest in 1st hour and slowly fade until a light source is applied again. The brighter the light source and longer the light is applied, the stronger and longer the powder will glow.

ViziGlow Colorful Glow Powders come in convenient, resealable,10g containers to ensure the highest quality.