Color-Changing, Glow-in-the-dark Powder (purple, pink, red, orange, and more!)

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ViziGlow's Color-changing Glow Powders create a unique way to add a new dynamic to your crafts and projects!

These amazing powders appear one color in standard light and glow another color instantly! Shine any light on the powder for even a few seconds and watch as this glow powder lights up in darkness.

Color Properties: 

  • White to Blue - deep blue
  • White to Green - light green
  • White to Teal - light blue/green
  • Purple to Blue - light blue / green
  • Orange to Yellow - light orange to yellow 
  • Pink to Orange - bright pink to soft orange
  • Red to Orange - soft red to soft orange 

Variety of Uses:

  • Mix with paint, glue, resin, epoxy, or other mediums to enhance your crafts (note - a higher ratio of glow powder means stronger glow)
  • Sprinkle powder on surface of wet paint or glue
  • Add glow powder to nail polish
  • and much more!

Note - Glow will be strongest in 1st hour and slowly fade until a light source is applied again. The brighter the light source and longer the light is applied, the stronger and longer the powder will glow.

ViziGlow Color-changing Glow Powders come in convenient, resealable containers with 10g of product.