Baby Yoda On Board Vinyl Decal | Car Window Sticker | Mandalorian Inspired Graphic | 6 Colors

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This unique Baby Yoda On Board decal is made from high-quality Oracal 651 vinyl. Transfer-taped for easy application!

Size: 6 inch wide x 4 inch tall

Available in 6 colors: matte black, gloss black, white, silver, red, pink

*Decal is designed with an optional mouth cut-out* 

Application Instructions:

  1. Clean application area thoroughly
  2. Peel transfer tape with decal away from backing
  3. Apply gently and smoothly being sure not to crease decal
  4. Use squeegee or other flat object to smooth decal
  5. Peel away transfer tape
  6. If there are any bubbles, you can use a sharp object like an safety pin to poke a hole in the bubble and smooth it out