6" x yard Reflective Sew On Fabric Material, Oralite GP020, High-Visibility

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6" Reflective Sew On Material Fabric, High-Visibility, Oralite GP020. Condition is New. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail.

Reflexite GP020 (also known as Oralite GP020) sew-on fabric is a dazzlingly bright, reflective material that can be sewn on to almost any garment. Made from glass bead garment tape, this fabric is sure to make you stand out. Use for added safety on normal garments or to create an amazing cosplay!

Available in 6" width and by the yard. NOTE - you may receive 6" or 6.125", if you are particular about exact sizing please let me know.

This fabric is silver under normal lighting. It reflects a golden color up close and a bright white from afar.
Composed of wide-angle, exposed retro-reflective lenses bonded to a sewable fabric backing (65%
polyester, 35% cotton).

Material has a single layer construction which allows for stitching in any area of the surface. A stitch count of 8
stitches per 2.54 cm is recommended. The stitching should be at least 2 mm from the edge of the garment tape.

Recommended washes: 50 machine wash cycles, 25 dry cleaning wash cycles.
Recommended storage in a clean, dry area away from direct sunlight.