50g Silver Reflective Powder- High-Visibility 350-400 Mesh Powder, Grey Aluminized

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ViziGlow's Silver Reflective Powder is an extremely fine powder that can be used for a variety of different projects to add maximum reflectivity! Mix with paint or glue to make your crafts more visible. Or simply sprinkle on any color wet paint for the same bright, reflective effect. 

We offer two types of reflective powder- white and silver. Our silver powder is coated in grey aluminum which creates greater reflectivity. If you are interested in the brightest, most reflective product, the silver reflective powder is the way to go! This powder is grey in normal lighting and reflects a bright white color. 

ViziGlow's reflective powder is made from highly-reflective glass beads and processed to a fine 350-400 mesh. It is used to create reflective fabrics, films, screen-prints and other materials. The reflective material seen on safety vests is created with this kind of reflective powder!
  • 50g of Reflective Silver/Grey Powder
  • 350-400 mesh 
  • 2.2 ND Refractive Index

Tip - when mixing with paint or glue, apply in thin coats to maximize reflectivity.