2-oz Airport Beads, High-visibility Reflective Glass Beads (FAA Spec. Type 3)

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Certified by the Federal Aviation Administration, these Type 3 Airport Beads are intensely reflective and perfect for a variety of uses. Add a new dimension to your crafts or improve safety in your projects!

Airport Reflective Glass Beads reflect brighter than any other glass bead. In fact, these Type 3 airport beads are specifically designed to illuminate lines on airport landing strips to help pilots land safely - hence the name!

This intense retro-reflectivity is made possible through the use of virgin glass and a high-tech manufacturing process that results in a Type 3 bead with a 1.93 refractive index. ViziGlow's Airport Beads are the brightest and most durable glass bead you can buy!

  • FAA and ICAO approved
  • US Federal Spec. TT-B-1325D Type 3
  • 1.93 ND Refractive Index
  • Size: 20-50 mesh (300-850 microns)

Airport beads reflect best when sprinkled liberally on the surface of wet paint or glue. 

  1. Apply wet paint or glue to your project
  2. Sprinkle airport beads generously on wet surface
  3. Once dry, remove any excess beads back into container for future use
  4. Shine a light onto your project and watch it reflect beautifully

*The surface of the beads must be partially exposed to reflect optimally*

Example Uses:

  • Add new dimension to artwork
  • Create unique features for cosplay
  • Add visibility to signs
  • Mark outdoor spaces like roads and driveways
  • Nautical uses - fishing crab traps, boat visibility, etc.