Hourglass Tapered Vinyl Racing Stripes Kit for Dodge Challenger 2009-2022 | Heritage Kit | Black, Matte Black, White, Silver, Red

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Made from high-quality Oracal 651 vinyl, these hourglass racing stripes are designed to fit your Challenger 09-22. This hourglass design is inspired by the classic Heritage Kit. 

This kit is $70 + shipping. 

Each order includes: 

  • Hourglass Tapered hood stripes
  • 20 feet of 10 inch wide vinyl for roof, rear deck, and rear bumper
  • Squeegee
  • Application Instructions

This kit is DIY cut-to-fit: a roll of 10" vinyl is included that you cut to create the roof and rear racing stripes.

The hood stripes are 51 inches long- enough to tuck slightly over the front and back of the hood for a seamless appearance.  

Best suited for Dodge Challengers with a flat center hood area. 

Choose from 5 colors:

  • Matte Black
  • Gloss Black
  • White
  • Silver
  • Red

For best application:

  1. Mix a bottle of mild soapy water. (1/4 teaspoon per 16 ounces)  
  2. Spray the car and then peel the backing from the stripe and spray the adhesive side.  (do not get the stripes wet with the backing on)  
  3. Lay the stripe down (adhesive side down), slide it into position, spray the surface, and squeegee on.  

Do not apply in direct sun or on a windy day. Inside a garage is best.